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We offer clients a complete range of railroad structural related services based on knowledge and application of AREMA, FRA and state/local regulations.
Railway Bridges
  • Survey
  • Design
  • Inspection
  • Ratings/Analysis
  • Repair Reports
  • Repair Plans
  • Timber Tie Deck Plans
Structural Design
  • Foundations
  • Unloading Pits
  • Retaining Walls
  • Drainage Structures
  • Temporary Shoring
  • Standard Bridge Layout
Other Services
  • Curve Survey and Design
  • Track Design
  • Construction inspection and monitoring
  • FRA Bridge Management Programs
  • Hump Yard Retarder Foundations
  • Emergency Bridge Outage Monitoring and Staking
  • Assist with establishing or maintaining Quiet Zones 
Arch Rail Group is committed to providing an all-encompassing design group to fully meet your project needs even though we are still in the process of building our company. We have great working relationships with other firms that can provide design and consultation services in those areas in which we do not yet have the expertise.
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