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Welcome to Arch Rail Group, an industry leader in structural and railroad engineering. Founded in 2017 by three dedicated engineers, we bring together over 50 years of combined experience working with Class I railroads, shortlines, and their clients.  While our expertise lies primarily in structural design, we are actively expanding our capabilities to include track design to meet the demands of the industry.  As proud members of the American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association (AREMA), our engineers actively participate in various technical committees, staying at the forefront of industry advancements. Committed to safety, we adhere to the current Federal Railroad Administration's policies for bridge worker safety, and on-track safety, and meet the rigorous requirements of the Class I railroads.



John Ebersohl, P.E.

John has served as a Structural Engineer and Project Manager since 1998, specializing in railroad engineering projects. His experience includes railroad bridge design, rating analysis, and on-site inspections as well as the structural design of retaining walls, shoring systems, culverts, foundations and other miscellaneous structures. He also has experience in the management of surveys of railroad bridges, timber tie decks and site surveys for track alignment, as well as computer-aided drafting design of railroad structures.


J. Keith KEndall, P.E.

Keith has been serving the railroad industry since 1998 as both a civil and structural engineer.    His experience includes design and analysis of railroad bridges, timber tie decks, culverts and the St. Louis to Chicago high-speed rail project.  Keith has extensive experience with computer-aided design for bridge decks, the survey of railroad bridges, and site survey for track alignment.  


edward harster, P.E.

Since 2006 Ed has been providing his structural engineering and project management expertise to the railroad industry. His experience includes railroad timber deck design, railroad bridge design, bridge inspection, and construction monitoring. He also has extensive experience with surveying and computer-aided drafting.

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